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Bespoke Workshop Development

Dig into our deep knowledge of the use of visual metaphors in complex situations – we’ll develop with you a customised workshop to suit your needs.


To become an accredited Lehorus® practitioner, you need to report back to us once you have completed one of our masterclasses and have run your first workshop.  

You can find the suggested outline of such a report by clicking on the image above and at the end of each masterclass.

Masterclasses Available Soon:



The intangible nature of ‘culture’ makes it difficult to measure and manage, but it is as real for an organisation as its profit and loss account or its balance sheet. Lephorus® makes team and corporate culture visible and manageable.



Be it at the level of a team, a division or a corporation, this Lephorus® workshop encourages all participants to make their experiences, views and ideas heard and debated within a framework that permits experimentation and iteration, quickly leading to actionable decisions taking account of a wide variety of viewpoints.



More generations than ever before find themselves working together in the same organisation. Often, this leads to misunderstandings and ‘work to rule’ or even the organisation losing either young and coming employees or experienced long-term collaborators. In a comparative test, our Lephorus® workshop has been shown to be far superior to traditional focus groups and questionnaires in agreeing actions from all sides and resolving these issues.