We at Visual Metaphors at Work®

offer you, experienced facilitators and coaches,

access to our methodology Lephorus®


For over 10 years, we have helped international teams, and individuals solve difficult business issues through  
  • creating a safe space for open communication
  • bringing clarity in a world of complexity and change
  • establishing a common vision and a framework for trial and iteration
Learn how to use this powerful tool in your own practice through our online masterclasses and community of interest.  


’Lephorus® uses images to bring important issues to the fore in a fun, engaging, speedy and non-confrontational way. Their workshops opened our eyes to important changes we needed to make in our organisation’’.
 Giselle Pettyfer, Vice-Chairman, Falcon and Associates




Masterclasses: Team Workshops

Step-by-step guides on how to deliver Lephorus® workshops for teams to solve business problems.

Masterclasses: Workshops for Individuals

Step-by-step guides on how to deliver coaching-type workshops for individuals to clarify their situation and next actions.

Community of Interest: Visual Metaphors

A space for exchanging views and experiences of visual metaphors. It is moderated by us, but it is your space.


We answer any questions you have about Lephorus®, preparing for and running workshops, and share our experiences in writing final reports.

Bespoke Workshop Development

If our existing workshops don't correspond to your needs, then our bespoke service develops and tests workshops and training courses tailored to your issue.

Popular Course

FOCUS: helping a team in difficulties

Learn how to first diagnose the underlying issues and chose the next steps to help the team help itself.


Popular Course

Career Coaching

 Learn how to help individuals build their awareness about:

  • The type of organisation they would best fit into
  • The skills and capabilities they have used in the past

and then to explore and visualise

  • The type of organisation they would prefer to work in
  • Which skills and capabilities they would like to use and develop
  • The next steps and actions to reach their goal



Popular Course

New Team Kickoff

Learn to deliver a workshop run as a kickoff session for a new team starting a new project or working together in a business area (e.g. marketing, finance, new product development etc.). It has been specifically developed for multi-functional teams to help their work and communication.


What People Say


''I find that my clients often refer to this exercise and the pictures until the end of the transition and even talk to me about it afterwards. Images are points of reference, anchors and safeguards, on which to rely in order to stay in touch with the meaning of the process and not give in to fears. 

Lephorus® is a fantastic tool.''

Elodie Mastrogiacomo

CEO, voie9


‘’The Lephorus® methodology has transformed the way I am approaching workshops and proves that what I thought was great was just alright. Visual metaphors are an incredible way to deep dive rapidly in the heart of what matters. I now achieve in 3 hours what could previously take me one or two days; I end up my workshops with high energy and can deliver insights to my clients that are powerful and actionable.

Joe Séjean

Founder, Eleven Network

''The images and methodology really helped us to express unstructured thoughts in a highly structured way and sparked an excellent debate about these issues. We learnt a lot about how our business is viewed internally and how those colleagues taking part think.'' 

Edward Collins

COO, Arlington Capital



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